Tag does Commercial, Industrial and Personal Appraisals. We work hourly plus expenses. We will also give a free consultation and an estimate of the validity of success
We do auctions of all kinds. Commercial, Personal, Estate, Online, Realty, Auto, Bankruptcy etc. We are one of the only Authorized Proxibid Auction Companies in the Carolinas.
In todays economic climate, finding a qualified buyer at a reasonable price is extremely difficult. We pride ourselves on getting you the most money for your product possible. That is why many companies use us today. Maximizing your return on investment takes a little longer than standard liquidations but the results are well worth the wait. I also do fast liquidations. Your return will be standard to the industry.
Charitable Auctions are the newest Trend for 2013
Thomas Auction Group is the only Authorized AngelBanx auction company in America. We do charitable " designated conversion". You can donate your estate, excess inventory, personal property, etc to any Charitable Organization or relief fund through Angelbanx. We will either market or auction items and all net proceeds will go to the charity of your choice. You can learn more at www.angelbanx.com
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